Impact Window Repair

Impact Window Repair

As with any other home in any other place, we understand things beyond our control happen that is why here at Impact Window Miami Florida, we make sure our team of experts is professionally trained to assist with any repairs to your doors and windows. During the hurricane season, both windows and doors are the most susceptible to get hit with heavy winds, and even on normal seasons, both are directly exposed to strong sun rays and heavy moisture so maintenance is imperative to the life of your home investment. With our Impact Window Repair services, we offer a wide array of services from re-sealing your windows, window repairs, and window adjustments. When confronted with problems of this sort, you can relax and leave the hard work to our team of experts.

With our years of experience coupled with our advanced technology, we provide any types and kind of window repair to extend the life of your investment. Our team of experts is highly trained and skilled to perform anything for repair. Here, we pride ourselves in offering quality services at affordable prices to all your repair needs. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Set an Appointment

Here at Impact Windows Miami Florida, every Impact Window Repair project starts with a meeting to discuss your project, and for you to learn more about our services. After the intensive meeting, we will schedule an in-home/on-site consultation to gather the specifics of the project, assess your needs, and determine the project’s scope, budget, and timing. This consultation also provides you with an opportunity to work directly with our team to consult about your specific needs and for you to be able to establish your working relationship as early as the consultation phase. During the consultation, our team will also provide you with valuable information, resources, and ideas for your reparation needs, as well as provide more information about how we can assist you throughout the whole process.

Step 2: Project Assessment

After the consultation stage, we will create a proposal outlining the scope of your project and the necessary fees and expenses that come with the degree and scope of reparation. With our guaranteed transparency we make sure that you always know what the costs will be. In this stage, you will receive a detailed cost-breakdown to be reviewed and we will also provide you with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 3: Project Finalization

In this stage, our team of experts will be sent to the site to remeasure each window and finalize the necessary tools and equipment needed before proceeding to the placement of orders. Here, we not only guarantee efficiency but also accuracy and that is why we make sure to finalize everything before ordering. After the final assessment has been completed, we will then move on to the placement of orders.

Step 4: Reparation

After the project finalization, this is now the phase where the real work begins. In this stage, we make sure that we adhere to the project requirements set during our assessment to ensure efficient and quality execution and installation of your impact windows.

Step 5: Inspection & Walkthrough

During this stage, we will make sure that the installation was done as planned and make the necessary adjustments according to your preferences and satisfaction.

Don’t spoil your weekend plans waiting until Monday to contact window repair experts—our team is available for 24/7 high-impact window repairs. We’re dedicated to using the best products, ensuring our customers receive a quality solution. We’ll restore your windows to their original condition, and make sure that they are properly installed and sealed.

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